Storage Locations

NEXUS uses only the finest storage locations in the UK (international locations in the pipeline). All provide perfect temperature and humidity profiles for the slow maturing of Fine Wine, and the nature of our clients ensure that the collections that we manage are placed in low-traffic, vibration free areas of the following facilities.


Octavian is probably the highest profile fine wine bond in the UK, with premium costs to match.

The ex-MOD underground caves are much lauded, though NEXUS account holders stock will be placed in one of the state-of-the-art climate controlled hangars at Colerne, where labels and card cases come out pristine.
LCB - Vinotheque

An old grain store, Vinotheque has been recently internally refurbished with full humidity and temperature control (Historically the upper floors got quite warm).

Located in Burton-on-Trent it has been useful for our more 'Northern'-based collectors who like to pick up their own stock.
LCB – Dinton Woods

Our current preferred option, another site developed from the great Wiltshire MOD sell-off, these semi-buried old munitions silos provide perfect temperature stability for Fine Wine.

NEXUS has its own dedicated bunker and we've installed climate control to smooth out any extremes. The LCB network provides an economic delivery solution.

Vine International

Part of the burgeoning LIV-ex empire we only really recommend clients who wish to trade exclusively through their exchange to store here.

Where should I choose?

It is simpler, though not necessary, to choose one facility for your collection. The choice will depend on a number of factors including where and how often you take deliveries and who you predominantly do business with. We are always happy to advise.

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