A bit about Nexus

The full exposition is below but simply, we help international private collectors independantly store, manage and inventory their wines (and increasingly spirits). 

NEXUS Wine Collections was set up by Mark Bevan in 2005 to cater for large private collectors who needed secure, accurate cellarage for their burgeoning inventories, whether for drinking or investment.

Since then NEXUS has grown to become the largest independent inventory management service in the UK providing collectors of all sizes with the tools and support to manage their collections and buy or sell with whomever they choose.

There is currently a surfeit of people trying to sell you wine and an increasing number of options to sell your wine. There are merchants masquerading as ‘portfolio managers’ and boiler rooms purporting to be ‘investment advisers’. There have never been more opportunities and pitfalls in the fine wine market. Add to this the absence of any meaningful regulation and the need for independent assistance remains as strong as ever.

At NEXUS we can provide a range of services from storage to full asset management. All supplied with complete independence and the expertise gleaned from many years operating ‘behind the curtain’ in the fine wine trade. Our income is derived from providing services, not selling wine, so there is no confusion or conflict of interest and we aim to represent our clients best interests at all times.

What began as a bespoke service for a handful of top-end collectors has grown to over 1600 portfolios from 1 to 10000 cases with a total asset value of over £100m. 

These economies of scale allow us to negotiate fiercely on your behalf for all your service requirements from temperature controlled cellaring to international shipping. We have strong relationships within the trade ensuring your business is conducted efficiently and issues are resolved quickly. We sit in the middle of all your buying, selling, logistic and data needs, with our focus on efficiency, accuracy and value.

We are an ardent supporter of the independent fine wine trade with all its vagaries and eccentricities. Long on product knowledge but short on admin skills we aim to free them up to search for the best wines around the world on your behalf.

We’re often asked how much fraud there is in the market. The honest answer is ‘a bit’ but in our experience the bigger danger is incompetence. Most of our oldest clients have suffered from a merchant ‘forgetting’ to deliver their wine at some point or other. This makes accurate record keeping critical. 

NEXUS uses only the finest climate controlled facilities in the UK see locations. A NEXUS collection number allows the use of any of our accounts, benefitting from the economies of scale that we can engineer through multiple stock holders. We think this allows us to provide unparalleled service, economically.

How does NEXUS work?

Upon opening a NEXUS collection you will be issued with your unique account number which your supplier will use to transfer wine into your name.

If you need help sourcing wine please see our page.

If your wine is located with another storage provider or your own cellar we can collect from anywhere internationally.

In all circumstances please forward details of wine expected to arrivals@nexuswine.com so we can load your wine ‘due in’ to your inventory and ensure that bonded wines are recorded at the correct value for VAT.

Copy invoices at time of purchase are ideal, some suppliers will do this for you.

Wine Arrives

Upon physical receipt of wines for your account we will match details against pre-arrivals already submitted and you will be advised of any discrepancy.

All cases are visually inspected. Cases are only opened on request.

You are issued with a receipt document confirming details of wine received and charges incurred at the end of each month.

Withdrawing Wine

Simply e-mail departures@nexuswine.com with details of what, where and when and we will arrange for you at the most competitive price.

Need to contact us? Get in touch.

1 The Green, Marlborough, Wilts, UK, SN8 1AL
Email: info@nexuswine.co.uk. Tel: +44 (0) 1672 513028
NEXUS Wine Collections Ltd Registered in England & Wales number 5548347